What to do when Your Site is Down

This guide will help you figure out what the problem is if you find that your site is down.

1. Check if the issue is on your end:

  • Look in your Client Area for any network issue already created. It may be already discovered by our staff and we’ll have people working on it ASAP. (If there is no issue published, then it may be your side.)https://clients.hostwinds.com/serverstatus.php
  • Please try setting your DNS to Google’s Public DNS, as the issue could be with your ISP’s DNS servers.
  • Here are some great tools to check if the issue is the server, or on your end:
    • https://isitup.org
    • https://www.whatsmydns.net/
    • https://geopeeker.com
    • https://tools.pingdom.com
  • Please check your error logs, if you are using our Shared or Business Web Hosting you can find these in your cPanel error logs.
  • If the error is a result of third party code, IE a Plugin, Script, or code you added to the server, we may not be able to fix this for you.


2. If the issue appears to be on our end:


  • Please create a support ticket explaining the issue and our technical support team will help you out.
  • Please make sure to include any screenshots of errors you see to help out our staff.


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