Softaculous Overview

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is software often included with cPanel that lets you easily install your choice of hundreds of different scripts and other software with basically one click. You can see the growing list of apps you can easily install with Softaculous.

You don’t have to mess with uploading or installing files, databases, etc. Other similar software that some companies include with their cPanel accounts are Fantastico and Installatron. Here at Hostwinds, we choose Softaculous. Here are a few reasons why.


Note: To use Softaculous on a Cloud Server with cPanel you’d need to purchase a Softaculous license.


Why Softaculous vs Fantastico or Installatron


More scripts available


  • Softaculous offers over 400 different scripts and apps
  • Fantastico offers only around 50
  • Installatron offers only around 80


Methods of installation


  • Softaculous allows the installation of applications using IP or https
  • Fantastico doesn’t allow either
  • Installatron offers the use of https, but not IP


Importing applications


  • Softaculous enables you to import applications that were manually installed or installed with other software. So if you previously installed something with Fantastico before moving your site to Hostwinds, for example, you can easily import and keep using it.
  • Fantastico does not
  • Installatron does allow this


And lastly – Softaculous is easy to use! It has a user-friendly interface and the visuals and design are intuitive. Should you have any issues, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!


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