How to Upgrade or Downgrade Your Services

There are times where you may need to upgrade or downgrade your service. In most cases upgrades or downgrades can be performed from within the client area. You’ll first need to login to your Hostwinds client area and then perform the steps below.


  1. Login to your Hostwinds client area
  2. Under Services, click My Services





  1. Click Manage to the right of the product you want to upgrade


How to manage existing services



  1. Then click on Upgrade/Downgrade VM to adjust your server level.



  1. Select the item you want to upgrade/downgrade
  2. Verify the upgrade/downgrade if needed
  3. An invoice will be generated. Please pay the invoice to finish the process and we’ll take if from there


Note: Some upgrade/downgrades are automatic and some require our technicians to perform the change. You’ll receive email when the task is performed, Dedicated servers, and changes across product types ( shared hosting to business ) require a technician.

Note: If you have an invoice already created for the next billing cycle, you’d need to pay this invoice first. Then you’d go through the upgrade processes as you see above, and the upgrade will be prorated on the number of days left in the billing cycle.


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