Issues that are Able to be Resolved via LiveChat

Livechat is a great tool to get quick answers about general issues or questions about your hosting or our services.

Our representatives are able to assist you with generalized issues over chat, however there are limitations to what can assist with over chat.

For verification as well as documentation purposes, we require the following issues to be handled via a support ticket, and are incapable of assisting via chat:

  • Any issues that require an account modification / change
  • Any issues that involve a modification or change to a file or file system
  • Cancellations or new orders
  • Billing issues or questions
  • Status of an existing ticket


The above listed issues would require a support ticket created for their respective departments. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. We are always glad to chat with you instantly over our Livechat platform, but please note that this is generally for pre-sales questions and generalized issues that do not require account modifications.

If you presently have a ticket open, your best method of getting an update on the ticket would be to respond to your ticket and request a status update.


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