Installing WordPress using Softaculous

How do I Install WordPress with Softaculous?


  1. Go to your cPanel
  2. Go to the software section
  3. Go to Softaculous


Showing the Software Apps Installer icon location in cPanel


  1. Select WordPress icon and click Install


Showing the WordPress install icon for Softaculous in cPanel


  1. Input the needed information
  2. Click Install


Showing the WordPress install button for Softaculous in cPanel


  1. Give it a minute then return to Overview
  2. Your new WordPress installation should be showing and you should be able to log in to your WP admin




  • Leave directory empty if you want to use WordPress. If you only want WordPress on a certain directory, put that here. For example /blog – WordPress will be installed in If you want to use a directory like this, make sure the directory does not already exist
  • Leave the database name that it assigns unless you’re comfortable with databases and have already set one up that you want to use
  • Don’t use ‘admin’ for your username to login for security reasons
  • Enable the installation of the Limit Login Attempts plugin


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