How Can I Get an Extension?

To get an extension you’d need to open a ticket with our Billing team.


What are Extensions?

Extensions are a way to keep your products active for seven extra days, despite missing your due date. Those seven days would start with your due date being day one. Meaning that if your service were due on the 1st, you would be able to keep it active until the 7th. 

To get one, you need to open a ticket to Billing, letting them know name or hostname of the product that you need to be extended.


What if My Product is Suspended for Lack of Payment?

We would need to reactivate your product and will set it to remain active for the same time frame mentioned above. 


Can I Change My Due Date, so I Don’t Always Need an Extension?

Yes, it can if you follow this link where you’ll find steps on how this can be done.


Important Note: Extensions don’t change your recurring due date or have any effect on any Automatic Payments that you may have in place. Be sure to request that your Automatic Payments is disabled if you don’t want to make payments during your extension.



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