What is the Difference Between Linux and Windows Hosting?

Linux and Windows are the two most prevalent types of operating systems for web usage.  Linux has more of the features web designers expect, so unless you have websites which need specific Windows applications. Linux is the preferred choice is generally more secure and more efficient than Windows in terms of web hosting.

Windows applications which require a Windows server:


  • Remote Desktop
  • MS Access
  • Visual Basic development
  • Application Hosting


One other difference is that Linux files are case-sensitive and Windows files are not.



On a Linux server, home.html and Home.html are different names.
On a Windows server, home.html, Home.html, and HOME.HTML are considered identical.

With a Linux Server you would generally use applications equivalent to the ones above:


  • SSH
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Nginx
  • Apache


Hostwinds offers Linux and Windows based server instances, with many OS variants among them.


Note: We can install cPanel or alternative control panels for Web hosting purposes on purchase or upon request in a ticket.


Note: With Windows, we can install Plesk and MS SQL for Web hosting purposes upon request in a ticket.


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