Definition of Software/Services Icons

The Software section provided in cPanel grants you access to not only install new software for your site, but to also manage currently installed software.


Showing the Software interface in cPanel


Let’s take a look at the options that are available in this section.


Showing the CloudFlare icon in cPanel


The CloudFlare interface allows you to manage if CloudFlare is enabled for domains that are associated with your account. Please note that you’ll need a CloudFlare account in order to use this interface.


Showing the PHP icon in cPanel


Lists currently configured PHP configuration settings.


Showing the Trendy Tools icon in cPanel


With this interface you can use the Trendy Tools website builder to build your new website.


Showing the PHP PEAR Packages icon in cPanel


This interface allows you to manage currently installed PEAR packages, install PEAR packages, and search PEAR modules.


Showing the Perl Modules icon in cPanel


Allows you to list, install, and find Perl modules.


Showing the Site Software icon in cPanel


Allows you to configure site software.


Showing the Optimize Website icon in cPanel


Using this interface you can optimize your sites performance by tweaking the way APache handles requests.


Showing the Softaculous icon in cPanel


With Softaculous you can install various software typically with one click.


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