Definition of Databases Icons

The Database section in cPanel allows you to administer every aspect of your MySQL database. Using this interface you can do things such as create new databases, add users to existing databases, and manage database tables to name a few.


Showing the Databases section in cPanel


In this article we will briefly overview each option that is available in the database section.


Showing the phpMyAdmin icon in cPanel


phpMyAdmin allows you to do things like create new tables, import a databases, execute SQL queries directly, and directly edit the values that are stored in tables.


Showing the MySQL Databases icon in cPanel


This interface allows you to create new databases/users, modify existing databases, view current databases/users, and add users to databases.


Showing the MySQL Database Wizard icon in cPanel


This interface is a step by step wizard like interface that can be used to create a new database.


Showing the Remote MySQL icon in cPanel


Using this interface you can manage access hosts that are able to remotely connect to your database.


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