Configuring WHM Automatic Backups

How do I Configure Automatic Backups with WHM?

One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself (and any clients you might be hosting) against security threats and data loss is ensuring everything is properly backed up and saved. Luckily, it’s easy to setup WHM automatic backups.


  1. Go to the Backup section
    1. you can do this by searching for the word “backup” in the search bar
  2. Go to Backup configuration


Showing how to locate Backup Configuration in WHM


  1. Select “enable” under Global Settings
  2. Choose the type of backup you want to create: compressed, uncompressed or incremental (see below for descriptions)


Showing the Global Settings for the Backup Configuration interface WHM


  1. Choose how often you want backups to be created and how many backups you want to keep on file


Showing Scheduling and Retention section for WHM Automatic Backups Configuration


  1. Choose which files you want backups for and for which users


Showing the Files section in the Backup Configuration interface for WHM


  1. Select how to backup Databases on the server
  2. Choose where you want backups to be stored


Showing the Databases and Configure Backup Directory sections in the Backup Configuration interface for WHM


  1. If you want to store them somewhere other than your sever, you can set them up to be automatically transferred by FTP, Amazon S3 or other means
  2. Save your settings


Showing the Additional Destinations section in the Backup Configuration interface for WHM



Types of WHM automatic backups available 


Compressed – Saves space on your server but takes longer to restore from

Uncompressed – Faster to restore, but takes up more space on your server

Incremental – Allows limited copies of backups and it syncs with your site, so if there’s an unwanted change on a site that’s not immediately fixed, the backup will also contain it. These backups aren’t compressed and take the same amount of space as the actual site it’s backing up


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